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Assessor/ Appraiser

Evan Hazelton, Assessor/ Appraiser, Lewiston

Nature of the work:

The assessor provides the financial underpinning for everything that municipal government does. This person appraises real estate and personal property for the purposes of tax assessment.

Reports to:

The assessor typically reports to the town or city manager, head of the municipal Finance Department or directly to the Chair of the Select Board.

Skills required:

Strong customer-service skills, as this person works with citizens, business owners and state and federal agencies. Thorough knowledge of local ordinance and states laws related to tax assessment. Competence with geography, maps, computers and statistics.


Attainable through outside agencies, Certified Maine Assessor designation is often required. Some municipalities prefer experience in the building trades and possibly the completion of college-level courses.

Physical demands:

The job is not physically demanding, but mobility and the ability to operate some tools can be important. Nighttime hours and some outside work are typical.

What's That Job?

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