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Town / City Clerk

Emily Scully, City Clerk, South Portland

Nature of the work:

The municipal clerk is perhaps the key local government job in Maine, because every town and city has one – or more. The municipal clerk is often the human face of town or city hall, working at the counter, renewing auto registrations and dog licenses, and running elections.

Reports to:

Town or city manager, or the select board or council.

Skills required:

Organizational skills and attention to detail are musts, as this position supervises and Computer competence is required. Oral and written communication skills often come into play.


A two- or four-year college degree is preferred, but not always required. New clerks typically are expected to attain certification through the clerks’ professional association.

Physical demands:

Not super-strenuous, but night meeting attendance is expected and long hours are the norm during elections.

By the numbers:

Virtually all 490 municipalities in Maine employ a full- or part-time clerk. Clerks’ offices in larger municipalities have several people on staff.

What's That Job?

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