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Code Enforcement Officer (CEO)

Keegen Ballard, Code Enforcement Officer, Augusta

Nature of the work:

The CEO position plays a key role in planning and zoning, and making sure that building projects are done legally and meet certain safety standards.

Reports to:

Typically reports to a town or city manager or a first select person. Also has reporting responsibilities to the town Planning Board and Board of Appeals (planning).

Skills required:

A strong interest in, or knowledge of, the construction field is vital. Oral and written communication skills are important, too, as this person has extensive contact with the public. Ability to work well under pressure is also desirable.


Some municipalities prefer applicants with two-or four-year college degrees. State law requires that Code Enforcement Officers complete required training and certification standards within 12 months of starting the job.

Physical demands:

Persons in this job are often in the field, on construction job sites or in completed buildings. The ability to operate a motor vehicle, equipment and certain tools is important.

What's That Job?

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