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Firefighter/ EMT & Paramedic

Breeanna Zoidis, Firefighter & Paramedic, Biddeford

Nature of the work:

These first responders keep people safe and assist citizens during times of need, providing on-scene medical services and responding to accidents and natural disasters. There is strong demand for job candidates in this field. Professional advancement is possible throughout the State.

Reports to:

Through the fire-rescue chain of command to a fire lieutenant, captain, fire chief or EMS department head.

Skills required:

Must be able to respond quickly to unanticipated events and perform well under pressure. Also important: strong interpersonal and speaking skills, computer competency, and working well with others.


High school degree or equivalency to start; later, training in fire suppression, EMT-basic and paramedic-level certification. Continuing education is expected.

Physical demands:

Depending on exact job, can include operation of fire-suppression equipment, medical equipment and emergency response vehicles.

What's That Job?

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