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General Assistance Administrator

Kristen Barth, General Assistance Administrator, Biddeford

Nature of the work:

This is a key customer-service position where the employee meets with, interviews and makes recommendations about people who seek public assistance.

Reports to:

GA Manager, Finance Director or Town or City Manager.


A college degree in social work, public administration or career experience equivalent may be preferred. GA training is important, but often comes with time in the job. GA rules change regularly; ongoing training is expected.

Skills required:

Three key skills are the abilities to work independently, with patience and to maintain strict confidentiality. Strong working knowledge of state statutes and state and local GA guidelines is important.

Physical demands:

The ability to hear, see, walk and talk, along with decent keyboarding skills. The workplace is moderately quiet.

Municipal perspective:

Larger municipalities have full-time GA officers but many mid-size and smaller communities combine this position with other duties.

What's That Job?

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