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Town / City Manager

Audra Caler-Bell, Town Manager, Camden

Nature of the work:

The town or city manager oversees all municipal duties and employees, ranging from budgeting and taxes to police and fire response—and much more.

Reports to:

An elected select board or council.

Skills required:

Effective communication and leadership skills, attention to detail, innate curiosity, the ability to multi-task, and a desire to truly listen.


Most city and town managers have previous experience within municipal government or in the private sector. A college Bachelor’s degree, in a field such as Public Administration, is typical. Some cities and towns prefer a Master’s degree.

Physical demands:

While the work is not physically strenuous per se, hours can be long and irregular. Attendance at night meetings and weekend events is expected. If an emergency occurs, the municipal manager typically is an on-scene point person who helps make key decisions.

By the numbers:

There are more than 250 municipal managers, including assistant managers, in Maine.

What's That Job?

Click on a title to learn more.