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Town / City Planner

Linda Johns, Planner, Brewer

Nature of the work:

This exciting and challenging profession helps to manage and direct land development and other changes within a community. The employee in this field has extensive interaction with the public, businesses and municipal staff.

Reports to:

Director of Planning and/or Economic Development; Town or City Manager.


A college degree in Urban Planning, Public Administration or a related field may be required.

Skills required:

Organization and customer-service skills are paramount. The ability to see both sides of an issue is important. GIS and other forms of technology constantly evolve in this dynamic line of work.

Physical demands:

This is typically office work. Planners also spend time in their communities analyzing things. The ability to carry up to 25 pounds can be necessary. Night meeting attendance is expected.

By the numbers:

Full-time planners tend to work for midsize and larger municipalities. Positions with county, regional and state governmental entities also exist.

What's That Job?

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