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Police Officer

Dustin Dow, Police Officer, Bangor

Nature of the work:

Patrol officers are highly visible in their communities. Citizens count on police officers to keep them safe and enforce laws fairly. The job can be exciting at times, but is also demanding. Offers excellent opportunities for advancement statewide.

Reports to:

Depending on department size, a sergeant or the chief.

Skills required:

Many and varied: problem solving; strong oral communication; excellent driving; proficiency with computers (in vehicle and office), radio equipment, and firearms.


Officers must attain and maintain active certification from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. Some municipalities prefer two- or fouryear college degrees. A valid state Class C driver’s license is required, as is continuing education.

Physical demands:

Good vision, hearing, depth perception and the ability to work long hours, often without rest. Officers may need to able to lift 100 pounds, run, climb, and work outside, even in extreme weather, for long stretches of time.

What's That Job?

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