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Tax Collector / Treasurer

Tracie York, Tax Collector, Lincoln

Jordan Miles, Treasurer, Lebanon

Nature of the work:

This job title is general. In some cases, the municipal Treasurer also serves as Tax Collector. In some cases, a town manager may also be the municipal treasurer and tax collector. In larger municipalities, Finance Departments may employ several people full-time in these positions.

Reports to:

Finance Director, Manager, Council or Select Board.


A two- or four-year finance or business degree may be required, but isn’t always. Experience with government accounting may be preferred.

Skills required:

Knowledge of statutes and guidelines that govern tax collection and cash handling. Attention to detail is imperative. Customer-service skills are important. Experience with technology and software such as Excel may be preferred.

Physical demands:

Walking, talking, hearing and the ability to read are important physical skills. Work hours can include night meetings.

By the numbers:

These are positions that all 490 municipalities have, although some are held by part-time employees or by full-time employees wearing “multiple hats.”

What's That Job?

Click on a title to learn more.