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Truck Driver / Equipment Operator

Manny Proctor, Public Works, Augusta

Nature of the work:

These positions are essential to constructing, maintaining and improving roads and other infrastructure in Maine towns and cities. People in these jobs operate high-tech snow plows, dump trucks, solid waste vehicles and other equipment.

Reports to:

Public Works director or supervisor.

Skills required:

The ability to work independently is critical. Good driving skills, alertness and the ability to follow verbal and written instructions are also important.


A valid commercial driver’s license is required. Training for that may be supported by the municipality. A high school diploma or equivalency is expected.

Physical demands:

Exertion and manual work is expected in this field, as is a certain level of physical coordination and the ability to drive, operate equipment and watch gauges and dials simultaneously. Employees must meet drug and alcohol requirements.

By the numbers:

These are common, yet in-demand, municipal positions, particularly among mid-sized and large municipalities. Small towns may use private contractors for this work, which is another opportunity for employment.

What's That Job?

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